Who are you and where are you located?

Hello! My name is Jenna Bouma and I am a non electric tattooer who works fulltime at Bandit Studio, in Brooklyn NYC. I am a 31 year old woman originally from Canada, and I first started tattooing in 2008.

How do I book an appointment?

Please refer to the booking form.

What is your method of tattooing called? Do you tattoo in color or just black and grey?

I tattoo non electrically via the shamisen-bori/hand poked method. I do not use a machine. My focus is black/grey, but am open to using red/green/gold from time to time.

How long will the tattoo take?

This all depends on final placement, size and detail. A loose guide - Palm sized pieces usually take between 1-2 hours, hand sized 3 hours. Back pieces vary from 22- 40 hours depending on back size, detail and coverage.

Do you tattoo custom ideas/designs?

I do! However, with time I’ve started to pick and choose the projects I feel will be the most rewarding creatively, as well as challenging. This means more preference towards large scale work, flash drawings, and Japanese work. If you’d like to get anything large scale done and have liked what you’ve seen in the past - you’ll always be given preference. To simplify- flash only for customers wanting hand sizes pieces or smaller. Custom ideas for larger scale work. Lastly- Please do not take it personally if I do not take on your request! There are many of you that I would love tattoo, however I cannot get to everybody.

How should I prepare myself for the tattoo?

Whether it’s your first time getting tattooed or your first time receiving this method of tattooing, I’d recommend a good nights sleep, a bottle of water, and meal prior to your appointment so your body is well nourished and hydrated. Some sugar is also advisable, so feel free to bring fruit, candy or a sugary drink with you. The sensation that you’ll feel during the appointment is subjective, but most would agree that hand poked tattoos are milder in pain vs machine. Being nervous is normal, but I can assure you that once we start all will be well. If you are prone to fainting, please let me know in advance so I can make you feel the most comfortable. Please do not take drugs or get drunk prior to your appointment. Those who do will forfeit their deposit and appointment. If for whatever reason you decide to party the day before- be aware that a hangover coupled with pain from tattooing sucks!

Can you send me the drawing in advance?

I am sorry but I do not send any drawings over email.

Do you take credit card as payment?

Cash only, please and thank you.

How much will my tattoo cost?

When we discuss your tattoo idea I will share with you an estimate for the piece. Final cost is based on final placement, size and detail, and I charge by piece vs hourly, as well as offer day rates for those wanting large scale work. Those wanting tattoos in areas such as torso, knees, neck, elbows, rib, stomach will be slightly more expensive. Please be aware my minimum is $300 USD.

Can I change my idea after I already made an appointment?

If you decide to change your idea, please tell me as soon as possible so I can decide as to whether or not it is possible. If I have to completely redraw an idea (especially during our appointment time) it may not be possible. My days of work are quite structured and I want to make sure we all run on time while not keeping others late or waiting! I hope you understand.

Is a deposit necessary in order to confirm my appointment?

Everyone's time is valuable and should be appreciated. I spend my time preparing for your appointment by researching, drawing, and setting up my tools and station so we are ready to begin when you arrive for your appointment. If you do not leave a deposit and decide last minute to not show up, my time will have been taken advantage of. I am not a fan of these scenarios, so to ensure that all runs smooth I require a $100 USD paypal or cash deposit on the day of the initial booking to secure your appointment. This deposit is non refundable, but goes towards the final cost of the tattoo.

What if I run late for my appointment / What if I have time sensitive plans after the appointment?

Unfortunately it is your responsibility to ensure you arrive on time to your appointment. If traffic is a pain, please plan accordingly. If you know you will be late please email me so I am informed. If you have a flight to catch, please make me aware of this when booking the appointment so we can plan accordingly and get the tattoo done on time. Lastly- Please be aware that you will be wearing this tattoo forever, and there’s nothing worse than the pressure of feeling rushed to get you out on time. I’d prefer not to tattoo you if it’s going to be cutting it close to your flight time, because there is no guarantee that I will finish on time.

When will you be in my city?

I will post everything on my Instagram and Website once dates have been finalized, thank you!